What is northern ireland executive?

Northern Ireland Executive

The Northern Ireland Executive is the administrative branch of the Northern Ireland Assembly, the devolved legislature for Northern Ireland. It is answerable to the Assembly and was established according to the terms of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, which followed the Good Friday Agreement (or Belfast Agreement). The executive is referred to in the legislation as the Executive Committee of the Assembly and is an example of a consociationalist government.

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Local Government In Northern Ireland - Proposed Reform
... In June 2002 the Northern Ireland Executive established a Review of Public Administration to review the arrangements for the accountability, development, administration ... In 2005 Peter Hain, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, announced proposals to reduce the number of councils to seven ... In March 2008 the restored Northern Executive agreed to create eleven new councils instead of the original seven ...
Northern Ireland Executive - Executive Committee
... The current Northern Ireland Executive, formed on 16 May 2011, is constituted as follows Portfolio Minister Party First Minister Peter Robinson Democratic Unionist Deputy First ... The non-political Attorney General for Northern Ireland is the chief legal advisor to the Executive, appointed by the First Minister and deputy First Minister, and may ...
Department Of Enterprise, Trade And Investment - History
... A Ministry of Commerce was established at the foundation of Northern Ireland in June 1921, and was subsequently known as the Department of Commerce and Department of Economic ... An economic ministry was also included in the Northern Ireland Executive briefly established in 1974 ... on 23 May 1998 and the granting of royal assent to the Northern Ireland Act 1998 on 19 November 1998, a Northern Ireland Assembly and Northern Ireland Executive were established ...
Department Of Justice (Northern Ireland)
... Northern Ireland This article is part of the series Politics and government of Northern Ireland Executive Executive Committee First Minister Rt Hon Peter Robinson MLA deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP MLA ... The current Minister of Justice is David Ford, who is a member of the Northern Ireland Executive ... April 2010 as part of the devolution of justice matters to the Northern Ireland Assembly ...
Good Friday Agreement - New Institutions
... Good Friday Agreement Strand 1 Northern Ireland Assembly Strand 2 North/South Ministerial Council Strand 3 British–Irish Council British–Irish ... Strand 1 dealt with the democratic institutions of Northern Ireland and established two major institutions Northern Ireland Assembly Northern Ireland Executive The Northern Ireland Assembly is a devolved ... The Northern Ireland Executive is a power-sharing executive with ministerial portfolios to be allocated between parties by the d'Hondt method ...

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    When you give power to an executive you do not know who will be filling that position when the time of crisis comes.
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    [During the Renaissance] the Italians said, “We are one in the Father: we will go back.” The Northern races said, “We are one in Christ, we will go on.”
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