What is neural?

  • (adj): Of or relating to neurons.
    Example: "Neural network"
    Synonyms: neuronal, neuronic
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Modular Neural Networks - Biological Basis
... As artificial neural network research progresses, it is appropriate that artificial neural networks continue to draw on their biological inspiration and emulate the segmentation and modularization ... At this point, the modular neural network analogy is either incomplete or inadequate ...
List Of Protein Structure Prediction Software - Secondary Structure Prediction
... Description Link NetSurfP Profile-based neural network Webserver server GOR Information theory/Bayesian inference Many implementations Basic GOR GOR V Jpred Neural network assignment Webserver server Meta-PP ...
... Connectomics is a high-throughput application of neural imaging and histological techniques in order to increase the speed, efficiency, and resolution of maps of the multitude of neural connections in a ... focus of such a project is the brain, although any neural connections could theoretically be mapped by connectomics, including, for example, neuromuscular junctions ...
Confabulation (neural Networks) - Neural Networks
... in which thoughts and ideas originate in both biological and synthetic neural networks as false or degraded memories nucleate upon various forms of neuronal and synaptic ... Such novel patterns of neural activation are promoted to ideas as other neural nets perceive utility or value to them (i.e ... The exploitation of these false memories by other artificial neural networks forms the basis of inventive artificial intelligence systems currently utilized in product design, materials discovery ...
SOX2 - Role in Neural Stem Cells
... In neurogenesis, Sox2 is expressed throughout developing cells in the neural tube as well as in proliferating CNS progenitors ... identical to themselves and differentiated neural cell types, two necessary hallmarks of stem cells ... Proliferation of Sox2+ neural stem cells can generate neural precursors as well as Sox2+ neural stem cell population ...

More definitions of "neural":

  • (adj): Of or relating to the nervous system.
    Example: "Neural disorder"
    Synonyms: nervous