What is muscle force?

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Back Injury - Back Injuries and Lifting - Low-back Biomechanics of Lifting
... Figure 1 below shows the reactive forces and moments on the sacral disc which can cause you to stop walking ... by a counterclockwise rotational moment, which is produced b the back muscles with a moment arm of about 5 cm ... The counterclockwise rotational moment produced by the back muscles is Mback-muscle = Fback-muscle·5 (N-cm) Fmuscle·5 = Wload·h + Wtorso·b Fmuscle = Wload·h/5 + Wtorso·b/5 Since h and b are always much ...
Movement Coding in The Primary Motor Cortex
... in the motor cortex contributes to the force in a muscle ... to a motoneuron, the motoneuron sends a signal to a muscle, and the muscle contracts ... The more activity in the motor cortex neuron, the more muscle force ...

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