What is molecular biology?

  • (noun): The branch of biology that studies the structure and activity of macromolecules essential to life (and especially with their genetic role).

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology ( /məˈlɛkjʊlər/) is the branch of biology that deals with the molecular basis of biological activity. This field overlaps with other areas of biology and chemistry, particularly genetics and biochemistry. Molecular biology chiefly concerns itself with understanding the interactions between the various systems of a cell, including the interactions between the different types of DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis as well as learning how these interactions are regulated.

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List Of Northwestern University Faculty - Notable Faculty - Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
... John Mordacq, senior lecturer of molecular biology, faculty sponsor of the Biology Students Association Ken Alder, historian of science, author of The Measure of All Things and The Lie Detectors J ... Morimoto, Cell and Molecular Biology Aldon Morris, sociologist and author of The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement Gary Saul Morson, Russian literature, scholar of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky Charles Moskos ... Weil, scholar of Soviet history, music, and literature Jon Widom, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Garry Wills, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and ...
Lynn W. Enquist
... Hillman Professor in Molecular Biology and Professor in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University ... He is chair of the department of Molecular Biology ... Gaylen Bradley studying streptomyces biology ...
Molecular Biology - Clinical Significance
... Clinical research and medical therapies arising from molecular biology are partly covered under gene therapy ... The use of molecular biology or molecular cell biology approaches in medicine is now called molecular medicine ... Molecular biology also plays important role in understanding formations, actions, regulations of various parts of cells which can be used efficiently for targeting new drugs, diagnosis of disease, physiology ...
Molecular Farming - List of Originators (companies and Universities) and Research Projects and Products
... the first time', explains the plant physiologist Stefan Schillberg, head of the Molecular Biology Division at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology Aachen." Fraunhofer ... coli for animals and humans Kentucky Bioprocessing took over Large Scale Biology's facilities in Owensboro, Kentucky, and offers contract biomanufacturing services in tobacco plants ... lactoferrin and lysozyme in barley European COST Action on Molecular Farming - COST Action FA0804 on Molecular Farming provides a pan European coordination centre, connecting ...
Steven Clarke
... an American biochemist, is a director of the UCLA Molecular Biology Institute, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UCLA biochemistry department ... Clarke is famous for his work on molecular damage and discoveries of novel molecular repair mechanisms ... of Biochemistry and Director of the UCLA Molecular Biology Institute ...

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    Nothing can be more incorrect than the assumption one sometimes meets with, that physics has one method, chemistry another, and biology a third.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95)