What is mississippi territory?

Mississippi Territory

The Territory of Mississippi was an organized incorporated territory of the United States that existed from April 7, 1798, until December 10, 1817, when the final extent of the territory was admitted to the Union as the state of Mississippi.

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Territorial Evolution Of The United States - 1810s
... April 30, 1812 Most of the Territory of Orleans was admitted as the 18th state, Louisiana ... The rest of the territory (the northwestern tip) was ceded to Louisiana Territory ... annexed a part of West Florida, the Mobile District, to Mississippi Territory, making the territory correspond to present-day Alabama and Mississippi ...
History Of Alabama - European Colonization
... Charles II of England included the territory of modern Alabama in the Province of Carolina, with land granted to certain of his favorites by the charters of 1663 and 1665 ... of the region between the Chattahoochee and the Mississippi Rivers ... By the Treaty of Madrid, in 1795, Spain ceded to the United States the lands east of the Mississippi between 31°N and 32°28'N ...
Mississippi Territory - Further Reading
... "The Cement of Society Law in the Mississippi Territory," Gulf Coast Historical Review 1986 1(2) 76–99 Hatfield, Joseph T ... "Governor William Claiborne, Indians, and Outlaws in Frontier Mississippi, 1801–1803," Journal of Mississippi History 1965 27(4) 323–350 Haynes, Robert V ... "Territorial Mississippi, 1798–1817," Journal of Mississippi History 2002 64(4) 283–305 Haynes, Robert V ...
1810s - Politics and Wars - Other Political Events - North America
... state, the territory by that name is renamed the Missouri Territory ... Congress passes law to split the Mississippi Territory, after Mississippi drafts a constitution, creating the Alabama Territory effective in August ... Congress (March 3), the Alabama Territory is created by splitting the Mississippi Territory in half, on the day the Mississippi constitution is drafted, 4 months before ...
Mississippi Territory's At-large Congressional District
... On April 7, 1798, the Mississippi Territory was created ... none Natchez Vacant March 4, 1817 - December 10, 1817 District becomes inactive as Mississippi achieves stateood The area of Mississippi Territory was increased in 1804 and again in 1812 ... On December 10, 1817, Mississippi was admitted into the Union as a state and Alabama Territory to the east was spun off ...

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