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Nuclear Power Debate - Accidents and Safety - Three Mile Island Accident
... Main article Three Mile Island accident The Three Mile Island accident was a core meltdown in Unit 2 (a pressurized water reactor manufactured by Babcock Wilcox) of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating ... It was the most significant accident in the history of the USA commercial nuclear power generating industry, resulting in the release of ... was rated a five on the seven-point International Nuclear Event Scale Accident With Wider Consequences ...
Nuclear Energy In The United States - History
... It was built approximately 30 miles from Detroit and there was opposition from the United Auto Workers Union ... Nuclear accidents continued into the 1960s with a small test reactor exploding at the Stationary Low-Power Reactor Number One in Idaho Falls in January 1961 and a partial meltdown at the Enrico Fermi ... Samuel Walker, in his book Three Mile Island A Nuclear Crisis in Historical Perspective, explains that the growth of the nuclear industry in the U.S ...

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