What is metrical?

  • (adj): Based on the meter as a standard of measurement.
    Example: "Metrical equivalents"
    Synonyms: metric
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Split-leaf Psalter - The Psalters Themselves - The Dutch Metrical Psalter
... A metrical psalter was also produced for the Calvinist Reformed Church of the Netherlands by Petrus Datheen in 1566 ... In 1968 a new metrical psalmbook appeared, which is incorporated in the Dutch hymnbook Liedboek voor de kerken of 1973 ...
Systems Of Scansion - Unicode Characters
... provides characters for specifically for metrical notation, whereas previously there were just the two (more general-purpose) characters U+00AF ¯ macron and U+02D8 ˘ breve) Metrical Notation ...
Split-leaf Psalter
... A metrical psalter is a kind of Bible translation a book containing a metrical translation of all or part of the Book of Psalms in vernacular poetry, meant to be sung as hymns in a church ... Some metrical psalters include melodies or even harmonizations ... The composition of metrical psalters was a large enterprise of the Protestant Reformation, especially in its Calvinist manifestation ...
Scansion - Common 2- 3- and 4-level Notations - 3-level Notations
... identical regular pentameters, they create that same basic metrical pattern in very different ways ... strictly enough, a 3-level scansion can be both metrical and rhythmic however, typically it will gravitate toward the rhythmic, as this scansion does ... chickens have come home to roost the first line's 3-level scansion may tend to obscure the basic metrical pattern, but the second line's scansion actually falsifies it ...
Metrical Phonology and Music
... Hierarchical patterns of prominence like those represented in metrical trees can also apply to rhythm in music ... The timing of notes also depends on the metrical tree for a particular tune ...

More definitions of "metrical":

  • (adj): The rhythmic arrangement of syllables.
    Synonyms: measured, metric