What is merchant mariner credential?

Merchant Mariner Credential

The Merchant Mariner Credential or MMC is a credential issued by the United States Coast Guard in accordance with the STCW guidelines to United States seafarers to show evidence of a mariner's qualifications. It will become the standard documentation required for all crew members of U.S. ships with a Gross Register Tonnage of over 100 and for all vessels required to operate with a licensed Master, regardless of size. As previously issued but still valid credentials expire, the MMC will replace the Merchant Mariner's Document, merchant mariner license, Certificate of Registry, and STCW Certificate.

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Merchant Mariner Credential - Physical Description
... or travel documents dark blue, black, brown, and blue-green) and the text Merchant Mariner Credential appears in place of Passport ... as many pages required to list competencies held by the mariner ... When the mariner gain a new competency while holding an already valid MMC, the new competency is printed on a sticker which is placed on the next available blank ...

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