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following extant species as valid:

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Hard Clam
... The hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria), also known as a quahog (or quahaug), round clam, or hard-shell (or hard-shelled) clam, is an edible marine bivalve mollusk which is native ... Older literature sources may use the systematic name Venus mercenaria this species is indeed in the family Veneridae, the venus clams ...
Michael A. Rice - Selected Publications
... Effects of intensive fishing effort on the population structure of quahogs, Mercenaria mercenaria (Linnaeus 1758) in Narragansett Bay ... The uptake of dissolved free amino acids by northern quahogs, Mercenaria mercenaria and its relative importance to organic nitrogen deposition in Narragansett Bay ... Gonadal cycle of northern quahogs, Mercenaria mercenaria (Linne, 1758), from fished and non-fished subpopulations in Narragansett Bay ...