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Endohedral Hydrogen Fullerene - Organic Synthesis
... Scheme 1 presents an overview of the first step, the creation of a 13 membered ring orifice on the fullerene surface ... reaction nitrogen is expulsed and an 8-membered ring is formed (3) ... tetrachloride which causes one of the ring alkene groups to oxidize to a ketone ...
Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonist - Drug Design - Other Derivatives
... analogs of rimonabant was to replace central pyrazole ring by another heterocycle ... An example of these is a purine derivative where a pyrimidine ring is fused to an imidazole ring ... Several research groups have studied six-membered ring pyrazole bioisosteres ...
Smiles Arbitrary Target Specification - SMARTS Syntax - Cyclicity
... As originally defined by Daylight, the R descriptor is used to specify ring membership ... the Daylight model for cyclic systems, the smallest set of smallest rings (SSSR) is used as a basis for ring membership ... For example indole is perceived as a 5-membered ring fused with a 6-membered ring rather than a 9-membered ring ...
Cyanogen Bromide - Biochemical Applications - Protein Cleavage - Mechanism
... This attack is followed by the formation of a five-membered ring as opposed to a six-membered ring, which would entail the formation of a double bond in the ring between nitrogen ... This double bond would result in a rigid ring conformation, thereby destabilizing the molecule ... Thus, the five-membered ring is formed so that the double bond is outside the ring, as shown in the figure ...

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