What is Malvaceae?


The Malvaceae, or the mallows, are a family of flowering plants containing over 200 genera with close to 2,300 species. Well-known members of this family include okra, cotton and cacao. The largest genera in terms of number of species include Hibiscus (300 species), Sterculia (250 species), Dombeya (225 species), Pavonia (200 species) and Sida (200 species).

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Bombacaceae - Current Taxonomy
... taxa in question being treated as subfamily Bombacoideae within family Malvaceae sensu lato ... A close relationship between Bombacaceae and Malvaceae has long been recognized but until recently the families have been kept separate in most classification systems, and continue to be separated in many references ... say "although closely related to Malvaceae, molecular data supports their separation ...