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Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome - Mechanism and Pathophysiology
... See also Alcohol withdrawal syndrome#Kindling, Kindling (sedative-hypnotic withdrawal), and Benzodiazepine#Mechanism of action The neuroadaptive ... excitatory activity during withdrawal may lead to sensitization or kindling of the CNS, possibly leading to worsening cognition and symptomatology and making ...
Campfire - Types of Fuel
... Kindling is an arbitrary classification including anything bigger than tinder but smaller than fuelwood ... In fact, there are gradations of kindling, from sticks thinner than a finger to those as thick as a wrist ... A quantity of kindling sufficient to fill a hat may be enough, but more is better ...
Fatwood - Wood Kindling and Tinder
... of the flammability of terpene, fatwood is prized for use as kindling in starting fires ... "fatwood" is known as "rich lighter" and cut slivers are what is referred to as "kindling" because of the abundance ...

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    We must get back into relation, vivid and nourishing relation to the cosmos and the universe. The way is through daily ritual, and is an affair of the individual and the household, a ritual of dawn and noon and sunset, the ritual of the kindling fire and pouring water, the ritual of the first breath, and the last.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)