What is kashmir shaivism?

Kashmir Shaivism

Among the various Hindu philosophies, Kashmir Shaivism (Kaśmir Śaivism) is a school of Śaivism consisting of Trika and its philosophical articulation Pratyabhijña. It is categorized by various scholars as monistic idealism (absolute idealism, theistic monism, realistic idealism, transcendental physicalism or concrete monism.)

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Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shankarananda (Shiva Yoga) - Teachings and Philosophy - Kashmir Shaivism
... Shankarananda came into contact with Kashmir Shaivism through his teacher, Swami Muktananda, who was an important disseminator of this philosophy in ... Described by Shankarananda as a "philosophy of Consciousness", Kashmir Shaivism, like Advaita Vedanta, advocates the primacy of consciousness as the ground of all being ... In contrast to Advaita Vedanta, however, Kashmir Shaivism regards phenomenal reality as an expression or manifestation of consciousness, rather than maya or illusion ...
Kaula - Applications of The Term
... affirmation has been popularized under slogans like "Consciousness is Everything" in some recent Kashmir Shaivism related publications for the public ... In Kashmir Shaivism, Supreme Consciousness (Cit, identical to Akula) is considered to be the substrate of manifestation ... Shakti, as described in Kashmir Shaivism, does a paradoxical thing - she creates the universe, with all its diversity and at the same time remains identical ...
The 36 Tattvas - The Five Karmendriyas - Organs of Action - Vāk - The Speech Organ - Occult Power of The Word
... is a fundamental tool in tantra and consequently, in Kashmir Shaivism (see the practice of japa and uccara) prayer and religious chanting - are essential ...