What is jolt?

  • (verb): Disturb (someone's) composure.
    Example: "The audience was jolted by the play"
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List Of Transformers: Cybertron Episodes - Fourth Story Arc: Episodes 41-52
... In the cargo hold, Bud, Reverb and Jolt hear a strange noise in the vents ... Ransack and Crumplezone then come in and snatched Jolt, knowing the Autobots won't fire on them ... Crumplezone tosses Jolt who is saved by Evac ...

More definitions of "jolt":

  • (verb): Move or cause to move with a sudden jerky motion.
    Synonyms: jar
  • (noun): A sudden impact.
    Example: "The door closed with a jolt"
    Synonyms: jar, jounce
  • (noun): An abrupt spasmodic movement.
    Synonyms: jerk, jerking

Famous quotes containing the word jolt:

    A sudden violent jolt of it has been known to stop the victim’s watch, snap his suspenders and crack his glass eye right across.
    Irvin S. Cobb (1876–1944)

    We are such docile creatures, normally, that it takes a virus to jolt us out of life’s routine. A couple of days in a fever bed are, in a sense, health-giving; the change in body temperature, the change in pulse rate, and the change of scene have a restorative effect on the system equal to the hell they raise.
    —E.B. (Elwyn Brooks)