What is Isaac Mayer Wise?

  • (noun): United States religious leader (born in Bohemia) who united reform Jewish organizations in the United States (1819-1900).
    Synonyms: Wise

Isaac Mayer Wise

Isaac Mayer Wise (March 29, 1819, Steingrub (now Lomnička), Bohemia, Austrian Empire - March 26, 1900, Cincinnati), was an American Reform rabbi, editor, and author.

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North College Hill, Ohio - History - Religious and Legal Reform - Isaac Mayer Wise
... Isaac Mayer Wise, who has been called “the most prominent Jew of his time in the United States” for his influence as one of the early leaders of Reform Judaism in America ... In 1861 Wise and his wife Therese bought a house and 42-acre (170,000 m2) farm near the current intersection of Goodman and Hamilton Avenues where they ... Wise added to the original farmhouse until it included 13 rooms on various levels ...
Isaac Mayer Wise - Slavery
... In an article from 1864, Isaac Mayer Wise wrote, "We are not prepared, nobody is, to maintain it is absolutely unjust to purchase savages, or rather, their labor, place them under the protection of ... Though, this quote is taken from an article where Wise opened stating, "It is evident that Moses was opposed to slavery..." The article itself, entitled On the Provisional Portion ...

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