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Airline Codes-All - IATA Airline Designator
... IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines ... Designators are used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes, including reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills, and in airline interline telecommunications ... There are three types of designator unique, alpha/numeric, and controlled duplicate ...
SO - Business
... by a business from a customer Sosoliso Airlines IATA airline designator Superior Aviation IATA airline designator Austrian Air Services former IATA airline designator Southern Airways ...

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    Let’s call something a rigid designator if in every possible world it designates the same object, a non-rigid or accidental designator if that is not the case. Of course we don’t require that the objects exist in all possible worlds.... When we think of a property as essential to an object we usually mean that it is true of that object in any case where it would have existed. A rigid designator of a necessary existent can be called strongly rigid.
    Saul Kripke (b. 1940)

    My job as a reservationist was very routine, computerized ... I had no free will. I was just part of that stupid computer.
    Beryl Simpson, U.S. employment counselor; former airline reservationist. As quoted in Working, book 2, by Studs Terkel (1973)