What is hypersensitive?


Hypersensitive is the second album by the five-piece music group Ghost Machine. The album was released on November 21, 2006 via Corporate Punishment Records.

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Hypersensitive Site
... In genetics a hypersensitive site is a short region of chromatin and is detected by its super sensitivity to cleavage by DNase I and other various nucleases (DNase II and ... In a hypersensitive site, the nucleosomal structure is not organized in the usual fashion, which results in a 100 fold increase in sensitivity to enzyme ...
Hypersensitive - Track Listing
... Moody Motograter Motograter Ghost Machine Ghost Machine Hypersensitive Five Finger Death Punch The Way of the Fist War Is the Answer American Capitalist Labels Elektra Corporate Punishment The ...
Hypersensitive Site - Location
... Hypersensitive sites are found on every active gene, and many of these genes often have more than one hypersensitive site ... Most often, hypersensitive sites are found only in chromatin of cells in which the associated gene is being expressed, and do not occur when the gene is ... In DNA being transcribed, 5' hypersensitive sites appear before transcription begins, and the DNA sequences within the hypersensitive sites are required for gene ...