What is home computer?

  • (noun): A computer intended for use in the home.

Home Computer

Home computers were a class of microcomputers entering the market in 1977, and becoming common during the 1980s. They were marketed to consumers as affordable and accessible computers that, for the first time, were intended for the use of a single nontechnical user. These computers typically cost much less than business, scientific or engineering-oriented computers of the time, and were generally less powerful in terms of memory and expandability. However, a home computer often had better graphics and sound than contemporary business computers and, by far, their most common use was playing video games.

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Personal Computer - History
... Main article History of personal computers See also Microcomputer revolution The Z3 by German inventor Konrad Zuse from 1941 was the first working programmable, fully automatic computing ... Thus, Zuse is often regarded as the inventor of the computer ... released in 1965, was the first commercial "desktop computer", but today it would usually be considered as a printing programmable calculator ...
History - Atari Inc. (1972–1984)
... an engineering firm, Syzygy Engineering, that designed and built the first arcade video game - Computer Space for Nutting Associates ... The result was the Atari Video Computer System, or "VCS" (Later renamed the Atari 2600 when the Atari 5200 was released) ... Midway into the effort's time-frame, the home computer revolution was taking off, so the new machines were adapted, with the addition of a keyboard and various inputs, to produce the Atari 800, and its smaller ...
Compucolor II
... The CompuColor II was an early home computer introduced in 1977 by Intelligent Systems Corporation ... It was a lower-cost version of the Compucolor, which is credited with being the first home computer system with built-in color graphics, designed to hit the home computer ... Unlike its predecessor, it was an "all-in-one" computer, meaning that mainboard, monitor and floppy disk drive were integrated into one case ...
Computer-animated Television Series - Computer Animation Development Equipment
... Computer animation can be created with a computer and animation software ... can take a lot of time on an ordinary home computer ... count renders, such that the graphics can be rendered in real time on a home computer ...
Notable Home Computers - 1980s
... Am.), under US$300 first computer of any kind to pass one million sold. 1980 TRS-80 Color Computer (N. 1981 BBC Micro (Europe) (premier educational computer in the UK for a decade advanced BBC BASIC with integrated 6502 machine code assembler, featured a myriad of I/O ports, ~ 1.5 million sold ...

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    The computer takes up where psychoanalysis left off. It takes the ideas of a decentered self and makes it more concrete by modeling mind as a multiprocessing machine.
    Sherry Turkle (b. 1948)

    Certainly parents play a crucial role in the lives of individuals who are intellectually gifted or creatively talented. But this role is not one of active instruction, of teaching children skills,... rather, it is support and encouragement parents give children and the intellectual climate that they create in the home which seem to be the critical factors.
    David Elkind (20th century)