What is hindmarsh island?

Hindmarsh Island

Hindmarsh Island (Kumarangk in Ngarrindjeri dialect, coordinates 35°31′S 138°52′E / 35.517°S 138.867°E / -35.517; 138.867Coordinates: 35°31′S 138°52′E / 35.517°S 138.867°E / -35.517; 138.867) is an island in the lower Murray River near the town of Goolwa, South Australia. Located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, it is a popular tourist destination, which has increased in popularity since the Hindmarsh Island bridge was opened in 2001. The majority of the island is agricultural in nature

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Hindmarsh Island Bridge Controversy - Royal Commission
... In June 1995, the Hindmarsh Island Royal Commission was called by the South Australian government ... One of the men later pointed to an aerial map of Hindmarsh Island hanging on the wall and commented that it looked like "female privates" ... As a map of the island along with the same claim was in the secret envelope, Wilson had second thoughts It just doesn’t add up to being secret women’s business if the men actually told us ...
Diane Bell - "Anthropology in The Eye of The Storm"
... In the late 1990s, Bell became a key player in the Hindmarsh Island bridge controversy ... to build a bridge from Goolwa to Kumarrangk (Hindmarsh Island) near the Murray Mouth would desecrate sites sacred to them as women ... politically contentious and culturally sensitive subject of the Hindmarsh Island Bridge affair, in which the author allows diverse voices to be heard and refuses to simplify an inherently complicated ...
Hindmarsh Island Bridge Controversy - Background - 1993 Election
... When in opposition the Liberals had campaigned against the Hindmarsh Island Bridge and stopping it was a campaign promise during the election ... Seeking a way out of the Hindmarsh Island contract, Premier Brown hired Samuel Jacobs QC, to carry out an investigation into the legal responsibilities of the ... the Labor government had instructed archaeologist, Dr Neil Draper, to survey Hindmarsh Island and the mainland foreshore for Aboriginal sites ...
Hindmarsh Island Royal Commission
... The Hindmarsh Island Royal Commission was a legal investigation into the nature of female aboriginal religious myths that existed around Goolwa and ... It was a product of the Hindmarsh Island bridge controversy ... prohibiting the construction of the Hindmarsh Island Bridge under the Commonwealth's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 ...
History - The Hindmarsh Island Bridge
... March 4, 2001 saw the official opening of the Hindmarsh Island Bridge linking the island to Goolwa ... that the Ngarrindjeri objectors fabricated the cultural significance of the island (the Secret Women's Business) in order to help fight the development ... Howard Government in 1996 (for more information, see Hindmarsh Island bridge controversy) ...

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