What is gust?

  • (noun): A strong current of air.
    Example: "The tree was bent almost double by the gust"
    Synonyms: blast, blow


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... Gust may be Gust, short blast of wind Gust Corporation, Japanese, game software As a name Gust Avrakotos, CIA case officer known for the arming of Afghanistan's Mujahideen against the Soviet invasion ... Neil Gust, an American musician known for co-founding Heatmiser with Elliott Smith in 1992 ... Wolfgang Gust, German journalist, historian, author and chief of heading for magazine Der Spiegel ...
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1971 1974 Edward Willan 1977 ... Ludvík Svoboda→ Gustáv Husák Peter Male 1980 ... Gustáv Husák John Rich 1985 ... Sir Stephen Barrett 1988 ... Laurence O'Keeff ...
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... Smith) "Plainclothes Man" (Smith) "Low-Flying Jets" (Neil Gust) "Rest My Head Against The Wall" (Gust) "The Fix Is In" (Smith) "Eagle Eye" (Gust) "Cruel Reminder" (Gust) "You Gotta Move" (Smith) "Pop ...
Ernie Gust
... Ernest Herman Frank Gust (January 24, 1888 to October 26, 1945) was a Major League Baseball player ... Gust played for the St ... In three career games (August 17-19, 1911), each against the Washington Senators Gust had no hits in 12 at-bats, playing First Base ...
Gust Lock
... A gust lock on an aircraft is a mechanism that locks control surfaces in place preventing random movement and possible damage of the surface from wind while ... Gust locks may be internal or external ...

Famous quotes containing the word gust:

    His works are not to be studied, but read with a swift satisfaction. Their flavor and gust is like what poets tell of the froth of wine, which can only be tasted once and hastily.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)