What is guerrilla communication?

Guerrilla Communication

Guerrilla communication and communication guerrilla refer to an attempt to provoke subversive effects through interventions in the process of communication. It can be distinguished from other classes of political action because it is not based on the critique of the dominant discourses but in the interpretation of the signs in a different way. Its main goal is to make a critical non-questioning of the existing, for reasons ranging from political activism to marketing. In terms of marketing, journalist Warren Berger explains unconventional guerrilla-style advertising as "something that lurks all around, hits us where we live, and invariably takes us by surprise". These premises apply to the entire spectrum of guerrilla communication because each tactic intends to disrupt cognitive schemas and thought processing.

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Guerrilla Communication - Main Methods of Action
... It consists on taking images, ideas and forms to change the communication process or its usual presentation to create confusion and reconsideration about each own cultural grammar ... The new elements in the communication process create perturbations, which are effective to offer a critic vision to general public in front of the traditional point of view ... expressing positively the hidden aspects of the communication in a convincing way, better if it’s close to the system dominant logic ...