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Great Grey Shrike - Taxonomy and Systematics
... The scientific name of the Great Grey Shrike literally means "sentinel butcher" Lanius is the Latin term for a butcher, while excubitor is Latin for a watchman or sentinel ... Use of the former by Conrad Gessner established the quasi-scientific term lanius for the shrikes ... dorso cano, alis nigris macula alba – "a shrike with a wedge-shaped white-bordered tail, back grey, wings black with white spot" ...
Great Grey Shrike - Behavior - Breeding and Life History
... Great Grey Shrikes breed during the summer, typically once per year ... is generally longer than in the Southern Grey Shrike (L ... chance of success, and consequently the average Grey Shrike nest is very likely to contain offspring of more than one male ...
Southern Grey Shrike
... The Southern Grey Shrike, Lanius meridionalis, is a member of the shrike family ... It is closely related to the Great Grey Shrike, Lanius excubitor, with which it used to be considered conspecific where they co-occur, they do not interbreed and are separated by choice of habitat ... It is slightly smaller and darker than the Great Grey Shrike, and prefers dry open country ...

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