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Gregory, North Carolina
... Gregory is an unincorporated community located in Currituck County, North Carolina ... Gregory had a post office until the 1970s, when the Gregory post office was consolidated with the Shawboro post office ... Gregory is mainly located along State Road 1148 ...
Gregory I, Count Of Tusculum
... Gregory I was the Count of Tusculum sometime between 954 and 1012 ... man) and apostolic rector of Sant'Andrea, which Gregory received in 980 ... In 981, Gregory bore the title Romanorum consul, dux et senator "Consul, duke, and senator of the Romans." As well as being an intimate and ally of the popes, especially Sylvester II, Gregory also served ...
Gregory III Laham
... Gregory III (Laham) (Arabic,غريغوريوس الثالث لحام) (b ... He took the name Gregory after Patriarch Gregory II Youssef, the last member of his order to be elected patriarch ... Patriarch Gregory, who studied in Europe and is multilingual, is author of several books on eastern theology and spirituality ...

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    Who does not know that kings and rulers sprang from men who were ignorant of God, who assumed because of blind greed and intolerable presumption to make themselves masters of other men, their equals, by means of pride, violence, bad faith, murder, and almost every other kind of crime? Surely the devil drove them on.
    —Pope Gregory VII (c. 1020–1085)

    It is the custom of the Roman Church which I unworthily serve with the help of God, to tolerate some things, to turn a blind eye to some, following the spirit of discretion rather than the rigid letter of the law.
    —Pope Gregory VII (c. 1020–1085)