What is greater glasgow?

Greater Glasgow

Greater Glasgow is an urban settlement in Scotland consisting of all localities which are physically attached to the city of Glasgow, forming with it a single contiguous urban area (or conurbation). It does not relate to municipal government boundaries and its territorial extent is defined by the General Register Office for Scotland, which determines settlements in Scotland for census and statistical purposes. Greater Glasgow had a population of 1,199,629 at the 2001 census making it the largest urban area in Scotland and the fifth largest in the United Kingdom.

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Greater Glasgow - Metropolitan Glasgow
... The European Union's statistical body Eurostat lists Glasgow as the 32nd most populous metropolitan area, or Larger Urban Zones, in the EU ... to the 1.75 million population of the Glasgow City Region and may suggest a correlation between the two ... The Glasgow City Region's strategic development authority describes itself as the planning authority for the "Glasgow metropolitan area" and the "metropolitan city-region of Glasgow" ...
Clydebank - Politics
... that Clydebank has far more common interests with other urban towns and districts of the Glasgow Settlement or Greater Glasgow city-region than they do with detached northern rural areas of West Dunbartonshire ... the town borders but is not part of the local authority area called the City of Glasgow, although as the boundary falls between neighbouring houses its ... The town is part of a single urban area (officially the Glasgow City Metropolitan Area) with the terms Glasgow and Greater Glasgow often used interchangeably, with context being ...
Glasgow - Demography
... The 1950s saw the population of the City of Glasgow area peak at 1,089,000 ... During this period, Glasgow was one of the most densely populated cities in the world ... There are two distinct definitions for the population of Glasgow the Glasgow City Council Area (which lost the districts of Rutherglen and Cambuslang to South ...
Geography Of Glasgow - Demographics - Population Density - Current Statistics
... Due to council boundary changes since the 1991 census, Greater Glasgow has four distinct definitions for the population of Glasgow in the 2001 Census the smallest is the new Glasgow City Council Area ... km²) Density (/km²) Area (sq mi) Density (/sq mi) Glasgow City Council 577,869 175.49 3293 67.75 8,528 City of Glasgow locality 629,501 162.10 3883 62.58 10,058 Greater Glasgow Health Board 867,150 555.27 ... of the city council area was 585,090 and the population of both the City of Glasgow Council area and Greater Glasgow are forecast to grow in the near future ...

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