What is gravitational energy?

Gravitational Energy

Gravitational energy is the energy associated with the gravitational field. This phrase is found frequently in scientific writings about quasars (quasi-stellar objects) and other active galaxies. Quasars generate and emit their energy from a very small region. The emission of large amounts of power from a small region requires a power source far more efficient than the nuclear fusion that powers stars. The release of gravitational energy by matter falling towards a massive black hole is the only process known that can produce such high power continuously. Stellar explosions – supernovas and gamma-ray bursts – can do so, but only for a few weeks.

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Gravitational Energy - General Relativity
... In general relativity gravitational energy is extremely complex, and there is no single agreed upon definition of the concept ... is sometimes modeled via the Landau-Lifshitz pseudotensor which allows the energy-momentum conservation laws of classical mechanics to be retained ... Addition of the matter stress-energy-momentum tensor to the Landau-Lifshitz pseudotensor results in a combined matter plus gravitational energy pseudotensor which has a vanishing 4-divergence in ...
Protostar - Heating Due To Gravitational Energy
... This is not caused by nuclear reactions but by the conversion of gravitational energy to thermal kinetic energy ... of the contracting fragment this will result in a decrease in its gravitational energy ... The total energy of the particle must remain constant so the reduction in gravitational energy must be accompanied by an increase in the particle's ...
Vacuum Solution (general Relativity) - Gravitational Energy
... a vacuum region, it might seem that according to general relativity, vacuum regions must contain no energy ... But the gravitational field can do work, so we must expect the gravitational field itself to possess energy, and it does ... However, determining the precise location of this gravitational field energy is technically problematical in general relativity, by its very nature of the clean ...
Gravitational Potential Energy - Why Choose A Convention Where Gravitational Energy Is Negative?
... As with all potential energies, only differences in gravitational potential energy matter for most physical purposes, and the choice of zero point is arbitrary ... The choice of at infinity may seem peculiar, and the consequence that gravitational energy is always negative may seem counterintuitive, but this choice allows ... The singularity at in the formula for gravitational potential energy means that the only other apparently reasonable alternative choice of convention, with for, would result in potential energy being positive ...

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