What is graphics pipeline?

Graphics Pipeline

In 3D computer graphics, the terms graphics pipeline or rendering pipeline most commonly refers to the current state of the art method of rasterization-based rendering as supported by commodity graphics hardware. The graphics pipeline typically accepts some representation of a three-dimensional primitive as input and results in a 2D raster image as output. OpenGL and Direct3D are two notable 3d graphic standards, both describing very similar graphic pipelines.

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The Graphics Pipeline in Hardware
... The rendering pipeline is mapped onto current graphics acceleration hardware such that the input to the graphics card (GPU) is in the form of vertices ... At this point in modern GPU pipelines a custom vertex shader program can be used to manipulate the 3D vertices prior to rasterization ... The graphics pipeline is well suited to the rendering process because it allows the GPU to function as a stream processor since all vertices and ...
GPGPU - Programmability
... The programmability of the pipelines have trended according to Microsoft’s DirectX specification, with DirectX 8 introducing Shader Model 1.1, DirectX 8.1 Pixel Shader Models 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, and DirectX 9 defining ... alpha For early fixed-function or limited programmability graphics (i.e ... Given sufficient graphics processing power even graphics programmers would like to use better formats, such as floating point data formats, to obtain effects such as high dynamic range imaging ...

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