What is granularity?

  • (noun): The quality of being composed of relatively large particles.
    Synonyms: coarseness, graininess


Granularity is the extent to which a system is broken down into small parts, either the system itself or its description or observation. It is the extent to which a larger entity is subdivided. For example, a yard broken into inches has finer granularity than a yard broken into feet.

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Some articles on granularity:

Location-based Routing - Granularity
... On the other hand, specific landline area codes can be programmed in to have their own specific destination ... The furthest that can be gone is to program in separate destinations for individual telephone numbers that call in ...
Film Grain - Selwyn Granularity
... as Selwyn's law) that, for a not too small aperture, the product of RMS granularity and the square root of aperture area tends be independent of the aperture size ... The Selwyn granularity is defined as where σ is the RMS granularity and a is the aperture area ...
Film Grain - RMS Granularity
... Granularity, or RMS granularity, is a numerical quantification of film-grain noise, equal to the root-mean-square (rms) fluctuations in optical density, measured with a microdensitometer with a 0.04 ... Granularity is sometimes quoted as "diffuse RMS granularity times 1000", so that a film with granularity 10 means an rms density fluctuation of 0.010 in the standard ... are small, the standard aperture area measures an average of many particles, so the granularity is small ...
Granularity - Business
... business lingo, granularity refers to "specificity" or "hierarchical ranking" ... For example, granularity has been written about in the book, The Granularity of Growth Making choices that drive enduring company performance ...
Commons-based Peer Production - Principles
... Second, the granularity of the modules is essential ... Granularity refers to the degree to which objects are broken down into smaller pieces (module size) ... Different levels of granularity will allow people with different levels of motivation to work together by contributing small or large grained modules, consistent with their level of interest in the ...