What is genetic recombination?

Genetic Recombination

Genetic recombination is the breaking and rejoining of DNA strands to form new molecules of DNA encoding a novel set of genetic information. Recombination can occur between similar molecules of DNA, as in the homologous recombination of chromosomal crossover, or dissimilar molecules, as in non-homologous end joining. V(D)J recombination in organisms with an adaptive immune system is a type of genetic recombination that helps immune cells rapidly diversify to recognize and adapt to new pathogens. Recombination is a common method of DNA repair in both bacteria and eukaryotes.

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Genetic Recombination - Genetic Engineering
... In genetic engineering, recombination can also refer to artificial and deliberate recombination of disparate pieces of DNA, often from different organisms, creating what is called ... A prime example of such a use of genetic recombination is gene targeting, which can be used to add, delete or otherwise change an organism's genes ... Techniques based on genetic recombination are also applied in protein engineering to develop new proteins of biological interest ...
Synaptonemal Complex
... that is thought to mediate chromosome pairing, synapsis, and recombination (crossing-over) ... It is now evident that the synaptonemal complex is not required for genetic recombination ... Research has shown that not only does it form after genetic recombination but mutant yeast cells unable to assemble a synaptonemal complex can still engage in the exchange of genetic information ...
Morgan (unit) - Relation To The Probability of Recombination
... Because genetic recombination between two markers is detected only if there are an odd number of chromosomal crossovers between the two markers, the distance in ... the number of chromosomal crossovers is according to a Poisson distribution, a genetic distance of centimorgans will lead to an odd number of chromosomal crossovers, and hence a ... can be calculated directely using The probability of recombination is approximately for small values of and approaches 50% as goes to infinity ...

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    Stanley Turecki (20th century)