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Malory Towers - Main Characters
... Many, but not all, of the events in the books are seen from her perspective or through her eyes ... - Alicia - until a quarrel at the end of the first book, then her best friend is Sally. 1-6 Sally Hope first appears in the first book ...
Joe Pitt Casebooks - Overview - Clans
... In the fourth book of the series, Pitt estimates that the Coalition may have as many as a thousand members ... However, throughout the fifth book, it also becomes clear that the Coalition is actively supporting other minor clans across the island ... By the end of the fifth book it becomes clear the Predo answers to a person or persons calling themselves the "Secretariate." The Enclave A clan of ...
Characters - The Kingdom Keepers/DHIs/Main Characters
... on Amanda (as seen when he kisses her in the 4th and 5th books), and is very protective of her ... Also, in the 3rd book, Finn's mom decides to help them out with their Kingdom Keepers stuff ... him since he will protect everyone and in the 5th book Finn admits a connection with Maleficent ...

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    O God, that one might read the book of fate,
    And see the revolution of the times
    Make mountains level, and the continent,
    Weary of solid firmness, melt itself
    Into the sea.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    ... men and women are not yet free.... The slavery of greed endures. Little child workers, the hope of the future, are sacrificed to industry. Young men are sent out by the billion to die for profits.... We must destroy industrial slavery and build industrial democracy.... The people everywhere must come into possession of the earth [second, third, and fourth ellipses in source].
    Sara Bard Field (1882–1974)