What is fitness landscape?

Fitness Landscape

In evolutionary biology, fitness landscapes or adaptive landscapes are used to visualize the relationship between genotypes (or phenotypes) and reproductive success. It is assumed that every genotype has a well-defined replication rate (often referred to as fitness). This fitness is the "height" of the landscape. Genotypes which are very similar are said to be "close" to each other, while those that are very different are "far" from each other.

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Somatic Evolution In Cancer - Somatic Evolution in Progression - Adaptive Landscapes
... An adaptive landscape is a hypothetical topological landscape upon which evolution is envisioned to take place ... It is similar to Wright's fitness landscape in which the location of each point represents the genotype of an organism and the altitude represents the ... However, unlike Wright's rigid landscape, the adaptive landscape is pliable ...
Fitness Landscape - In Evolutionary Optimization
... Apart from the field of evolutionary biology, the concept of a fitness landscape has also gained importance in evolutionary optimization methods such as genetic algorithms or ... example a list of destination addresses in the case of the delivery truck), which is called the fitness function or fitness landscape ... the solutions are mutated and selected for those with higher fitness, until a satisfying solution has been found ...
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Fitness (biology) - Fitness Landscape
... A fitness landscape, first conceptualized by Sewall Wright, is a way of visualising fitness in terms of a high-dimensional surface, in which height indicates fitness ... Peaks correspond to local fitness maxima it is often said that natural selection always progresses uphill but can only do so locally ... return to the less-fit "valleys" of the landscape on the way to reach higher peaks ...

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