What is faroe pony?

Faroe Pony

The Faroe pony, Faeroes Pony, or Faroese Horse, (føroyska rossið in Faroese)) is a small pony, its height is between 11.1 to 12.1 hands (45 to 49 inches, 114 to 124 cm). Technically a pony due to its height, people on the Faroe Islands call it a horse because of its strength. The Faroe pony is only to be seen on the Faroe Islands and therefore is little known in other countries.

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Silvena Sport - Horse Breeds in The Club - Faroe Pony
... The horses found on the Faroe Islands are one of the oldest and purest breeds of horses found today ... They are comparable with the Icelandic pony in that they also are of ancient origin and have been bred pure, at least in part due to isolated conditions ... The Faroe Islands are located in the North Atlantic between Iceland and the Shetland Islands ...
Faroe Pony - History
... The pony was used in the old days to carry or haul heavy loads at the farms and when it wasn't at work, it was released onto the mountains where it roamed free ... The Faroe pony has been on the Faroe Islands for many hundreds of years ... By the 1960s there were approximately five to six horses left on the Faroe Islands because of the extensive exporting of horses from the Faroes for use in mining (as pit ponies) in the United Kingdom ...