What is fakir?

  • (noun): A Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man.
    Synonyms: fakeer, faqir, faquir


The fakir or faqir (/fəˈkɪər/; Arabic: فقیر‎ (noun of faqr)), derived from faqr (Arabic: فقر‎, "poverty"), is a Muslim Sufi ascetic in Middle East and South Asia. The Faqirs were wandering Dervishes teaching Islam and living on alms.

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Fakir - In Bangladesh and India
... The Fakir and Goshai was with the stronger religious influence, and there are even Bauls who would shave off their heads as in their past and kept on practicing and believing in many of the basic creeds ...
Siege Of Malakand - Outbreak of The Battle
... Rumours of a new religious leader, Saidullah the Sartor Fakir (also known as Mullah of Mastun), arriving to "sweep away" the British and inspire a jihad, were reportedly circulating the bazaars of Malakand during July ... Saidullah became known to the British as "The Great Fakir", "Mad Fakir" or the "Mad Mullah", and by the Pashtuns as lewanai faqir, or simply, lewanai, meaning "god-intoxicated" ... At 9.45pm, a final telegram was received informing the garrison that the Fakir had passed Khar and was advancing on Malakand ...
Mosques Of Multan - Phool Hattan Wali Mosque
... AD) on his visit to Multan, being childless, asked a fakir to pray on his behalf, that he might be blessed with a male issue ... The fakir prayed for him, and a son was born to the Empress ... His Majesty, through the governor of Multan, presented the fakir with an offering of Rs ...
Sohrab Fakir
... Sohrab Fakir - October 23, 2009) was a Sindhi Sufi singer ... His full name is Sohrab Fakir Khaskhely ... His father, Hamal Fakir, was a disciple of Kush Khair Muhammad Fakir ...
List Of Sindhi Singers - F
... Farzana Gul Fakhar Ali Fakir Himat Ali Fakir Munawar Dayo Fakir Muzafar Dayo Farzana Parveen Fida Khokhar Foto Zardari Fozia Soomro Fayaz Mirali farhan ali ...