What is fagot?

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Pyrenaearia - Species
... carascalensis (FĂ©russac, 1821) - type species Pyrenaearia carascalopsis (Bourguignat in Fagot, 1884) Pyrenaearia cotiellae (Fagot, 1906) Pyrenaearia daanidentata Raven, 1988 Pyrenaearia molae Haas, 1924 ...

More definitions of "fagot":

  • (verb): Bind or tie up in or as if in a faggot.
    Synonyms: faggot, faggot up
  • (noun): A bundle of sticks and branches bound together.
    Synonyms: faggot
  • (verb): Ornament or join (fabric) by faggot stitch.
    Synonyms: faggot
  • (verb): Fasten together rods of iron in order to heat or weld them.
    Synonyms: faggot