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Exemplar, in the sense developed by philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn, is a well-known usage of a scientific theory.

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... Exemplar, in the sense developed by philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn, is a well-known usage of a scientific theory ... these puzzles become well known and are the exemplars of the field ... Kuhn introduced the concept of exemplar in a postscript to the second edition of The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1970) ...
Speech Perception - Theories - Exemplar Theory
... Exemplar models of speech perception differ from the four theories mentioned above which suppose that there is no connection between word- and talker-recognition and ... The exemplar-based approaches claim listeners store information for both word- and talker-recognition ... The exemplar models have to face several objections, two of which are (1) insufficient memory capacity to store every utterance ever heard and, concerning the ability to produce what was heard ...
Arch Of Titus - Inscription
... SEPTIMVS · PONTIFEX · MAX(IMVS) NOVIS · OPERIBVS · PRISCVM · EXEMPLAR · IMITANTIBVS FVLCIRI · SERVARIQVE · IVSSIT ANNO · SACRI · PRINCIPATVS · EIVS · XXIIII (Insigne religionis atque artis, monumentum ... from age Pius the Seventh, Supreme Pontiff, by new works on the model of the ancient exemplar ordered it reinforced and preserved ...
Thumbprint - For Identification - Types - Exemplar
... Exemplar prints, or known prints, is the name given to fingerprints deliberately collected from a subject, whether for purposes of enrollment in a system or when under arrest for a suspected criminal offense ... During criminal arrests, a set of exemplar prints will normally include one print taken from each finger that has been rolled from one edge of the nail to the other, plain (or ... Exemplar prints can be collected using Live Scan or by using ink on paper cards ...
Modern Psychological Theories of Concept Learning - Exemplar Theories of Concept Learning
... Exemplar theory is the storage of specific instances (exemplars), with new objects evaluated only with respect to how closely they resemble specific known members ... An example of what Exemplar theory would look at is, “water is wet” it simply knows that some (or one, or all) stored examples of water have the property wet ... Exemplar based theories have become more empirically popular over the years with some evidence suggesting that human learners use exemplar based strategies only in early ...

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    Translation is the paradigm, the exemplar of all writing.... It is translation that demonstrates most vividly the yearning for transformation that underlies every act involving speech, that supremely human gift.
    Harry Mathews (b. 1930)