What is enemy combatant?

Enemy Combatant

Enemy combatant is a term historically referring to members of the armed forces of the state with which another state is at war. Prior to 2008, the definition was: "Any person in an armed conflict who could be properly detained under the laws and customs of war." In the case of a civil war or an insurrection the term "enemy state" may be replaced by the more general term "Party to the conflict" (as described in the 1949 Geneva Conventions Article 3).

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Some articles on enemy combatant:

Salim Hamdan
... the invasion of Afghanistan, declared by the United States government to be an illegal enemy combatant and held as a detainee at Guantanamo Bay from 2002 to November 2008 ... DOD continued to hold Hamdan as an enemy combatant at Guantanamo ... DOD might still classify Hamdan as an "enemy combatant" after he completed his sentence, and detain him indefinitely ...
Habeas Corpus In The United States - Habeas Corpus in The 21st Century
... of connection to terrorists or terrorism as enemy combatants ... citizen to access habeas corpus even when declared to be an enemy combatant ... was consistent with the standards and procedures specified by the Secretary of Defense for Combatant Status Review Tribunals (including the requirement that the conclusion of the Tribunal be ...
Stephen Abraham - Abraham's Affidavit
... panel determined that a detainee was not properly classified as an enemy combatant, the panel members would have to explain their finding to the OARDEC Deputy Director ... they declared a prisoner not to be an enemy combatant ... When his panel decided the detainee wasn't an "enemy combatant," they were ordered to reconvene to hear more evidence, he said ...
Allah Muhammed Saleem - Combatant Status Review - Not An Enemy Combatant
... who sat on Tribunal panel 30, which convened to confirm or refute his status as an "enemy combatant" voted to recommend that he should not be considered an enemy combatant ...
Enemy Combatant - Obama Presidency Abandons The Term "enemy Combatant"
... Holder issued a statement that the United States had abandoned the Bush administration term "enemy combatant" ...

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