What is encephalon?

  • (noun): That part of the central nervous system that includes all the higher nervous centers; enclosed within the skull; continuous with the spinal cord.
    Synonyms: brain

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List Of Characters In The Xenosaga Series - Playable Characters - Ziggy
... In the KOS-MOS Encephalon, Ziggurat 8's past was not shown despite the fact it is stated KOS-MOS sensed everyone's memories, and Nephilim urged everyone ... why his and Allen's memories are not in the encephalon—yet there is no mention of Ziggurat 8's memories not being there ... why his memories/fears were not explored in the Encephalon ...
List Of Characters In The Xenosaga Series - Other Characters - Nephilim
... is a mysterious red-eyed girl who first appears before Shion in the Encephalon ... until she and the party arrived at Encephalon where everybody can normally see her ... In the Encephalon, Nephilim warns the party about U-DO and the awakening of the "true form of KOS-MOS." Abel is shown briefly appearing before Shion Uzuki and Dr ...