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Eliza Allen

Eliza Allen (born January 27, 1826) was a Maine woman who, in 1851, published a memoir called The Female Volunteer; Or the Life and Wonderful Adventures of Miss Eliza Allen, A Young Lady of Eastport, Maine. In it, she described her life. As a teenager, she was not allowed to marry the man whom she loved, and so as a result, she disguised herself as a man and had many adventures, including fighting and being wounded in the Mexican-American War. She was also known as Eliza Billings (the surname of her husband).

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Eliza Allen - Adventures
... Eliza describes her exploits, including two tours in the Mexican-American War and a period, still presenting herself as George Mead, in the California gold rush, in her memoir The Female ... Others questioning the veracity of Eliza's purported exploits include Robert Walter Johannsen, in To the Halls of the Montezumas The Mexican War in the American Imagination and ... In her emotional preface, Eliza warns parents against arranging marriages against their children's wishes or forbidding marriages based on love and claims she undertook her ...

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