What is electronic tuner?

Electronic Tuner

In the discipline of radio a tuner is a device which receives radio stations. More specifically, it denotes the part of such a device that is connected to the antenna. An electronic tuner is such a device, which is not adjusted mechanically, but by electronic means. For more details see the Wikipedia article Tuner (radio).

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Tuner (radio) - Electronic Tuner
... An electronic tuner is a device which tunes across a part of the radio frequency spectrum by the application of a voltage or appropriate digital code words ... This type of tuner supersedes mechanical tuners, which were tuned by manual adjustment of capacitance or inductance in the tuned circuits ... is tuned by manually turning a knob or dial contains a manual tuner into which the shaft of that knob or dial extends ...
Electronic Tuner - Intellitouch Tuner - History
... The Intellitouch Tuner model PT1 was created in 1995 by Mark Wilson of OnBoard Research Corporation ... extremely popular and spawned an entire industry of clip-on instrument tuners ... another innovation, a fully chromatic tuner with the displayed note, integrated with a capo ...

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