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East Slavic

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List Of Belarus-related Topics - History of Belarus - East Slavic History Stubs
... Konstantin Konstantinovich Ostrozhskiy Koleda Konstantin of Murom Konyushy List of early East Slavic states Liubech Liškiava Mstislav II of Kiev Namestnik Ostroh Pereyaslavets Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthe ...
Slavic Liquid Metathesis And Pleophony - Reflexes in Slavic Languages
... In South Slavic the vowel and the liquid metathesize, and as a side-effect the vowel lengthens (*e > *ē > ě, *a > *ā > a) *al > la *ar > ra *el > lě *er > rě Compare PSl ... milk as opposed to the metathesized South Slavic RVC structure ... just like in South Slavic), and in the rest of West and East Slavic languages only when the syllable is under acute (rising) accent compare Proto-Slavic *a̋rdla ('plough') Serbo-Croatian rȁlo Czech rádl ...
East Slavic
... East Slavic can refer to East Slavic languages East Slavic peoples. ...

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    Bible: Hebrew, Exodus 14:21,22.