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East Florida

East Florida was a colony of Great Britain from 1763–1783 and of Spain from 1783–1822. East Florida was established by the British colonial government in 1763; as its name implies it consisted of the eastern part of the region of Florida, with West Florida comprising the western parts. Its capital was St. Augustine, which had been the capital of Spanish Florida.

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Andrew Turnbull (colonist)
... the largest attempt at British colonization in the New World by founding New Smyrna, Florida, named in honor of his wife's birthplace ... New Smyrna, Florida Colony, founded in 1768, encompassed some 101,400 acres (410 km²) and was nearly three times the size of the colony at Jamestown ... of land in conjunction with Sir William Duncan, for the East Coast of Florida, with the requirement from the British government that it be settled ...
Sawpit Bluff - History
... Second Invasion of East Florida by Georgian Patriots Almost immediately upon the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, hostilities began between British loyalists in ... Elbert reached East Florida with his men two days after the battle, landing on the northern end of Amelia Island ... The Revolution of East Florida Armed parties of the so-called "Patriots of Florida" made forays from Sawpit Bluff to Talbot Island during the Revolution of East Florida, or Patriots ...
Southern Theater Of The American Revolutionary War - Early Operations, 1775–1778 - Failed Attempts At British East Florida
... defeat the British garrison that was based at Saint Augustine in British East Florida ... Georgia militia companies actually made it into East Florida, but they were checked in the May Battle of Thomas Creek ... combined with tropical diseases and command issues in the Patriot forces, left East Florida firmly in British hands for the war's duration ...
East Florida - Spanish Period
... Spain continued to administer East and West Florida as separate colonies ... An American army under Andrew Jackson invaded East Florida during the First Seminole War ... Faced with the prospect of losing control, Spain formally ceded all of its Florida territory to the U.S ...

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