What is downplay?

  • (verb): Represent as less significant or important.
    Synonyms: understate, minimize, minimise
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Some articles on downplay:

Uncertainty and The Media
... uncertainty (making the science seem more uncertain than it really is) or downplay uncertainty (making the science seem more certain than it really is) ... Journalists may downplay uncertainty by eliminating “scientists’ carefully chosen tentative wording, and by losing these caveats the information is skewed and presented as more certain and conclusive than it ... The nature of these frames is to downplay or eliminate uncertainty, so when economic and scientific promise are focused on early in the issue cycle ...
Modern Uses of Doublespeak - Education To Combat Doublespeak - Intensify/Downplay Pattern
... The function of the Intensify/Downplay pattern is not to dictate what should be discussed but to encourage coherent thought and systematic organization ... Downplay is commonly done via omission, diversion and confusion as they communicate in words, gestures, numbers, et cetera ...
Mormonism And Christianity - Mormon Engagement With Broader Christianity - Downplaying of Differences
... Ross Anderson asserts that, "(i)n public, LDS spokesmen downplay their Church's distinctive doctrines." Recent church presidents have tended to downplay those doctrines ... demonstrated his willingness to seriously downplay any issues that might be construed as controversial." ...
Ted Haggard - Career As Minister - Scandal and Removal From Job
... Robertson and Jerry Falwell sought to distance themselves and downplay Haggard's influence on religious conservatives and downplay the importance of the NAE ... and no one has looked to them for leadership." White House spokesman Tony Fratto sought to downplay Haggard's influence on the White House by saying that Haggard was only ...

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