What is dishonour?

  • (noun): A state of shame or disgrace.
    Synonyms: dishonor
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Some articles on dishonour:

Charles Howard, 1st Earl Of Nottingham - Lord High Admiral: 1585 – 1619 - Spanish Armada: 1588
... he will proceed to execute...Whether this not breed most great danger and dishonour, I leave it to her Majesty's wisdom but if it should fall out so, I would I had never been born...And if were to-morrow ... for I think they dare not return with this dishonour and shame to their King, and overthrow their Pope's credit ... return because "they dare not go back with this dishonour and shame for we have marvellously plucked them" ...
Offa Of Angel - Legend
... The two would eventually cause great dishonour to the Angles when they ambushed Atisl in a forest as he walked alone and slew him ... The surrounding peoples began to mock the Angles, accusing them of cowardice and dishonour ... that Uffi regained his speech, and revealed that his silence had been caused by the great dishonour involved in Atisl's death ...
Titus Andronicus - Analysis and Criticism - Language
... of the play, Bassianus stats "And suffer not dishonour to approach/The imperial seat, to virtue consecrate,/To justice, continence and nobility/But let desert in pure election shine" (ll.13–16) ... nor he, are any sons of mine/My sons would never so dishonour me" (l.296) ... traitorous haughty sons,/Confederates all to dishonour me" (ll.301–303) ...

More definitions of "dishonour":

  • (verb): Refuse to accept.
    Synonyms: dishonor
  • (noun): Lacking honor or integrity.
    Synonyms: dishonor