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Type 093 Submarine - Programme
... Rumors were that the original Type 093 design was inferior to existing Western and Soviet nuclear submarines even before its blueprint could be finished ... As a result, the submarine design team had to give up the original design to meet the revised requirements from the PLA Navy ... Petersburg-based Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering began to assist the Chinese design team in the Type 093 development ...
107 Mm Divisional Gun M1940 (M-60) - Development - Work On 107 Mm Guns
... After the cancellation of the F-28 project, the design bureau of the No ... Later the same design bureau worked on another 107 mm gun, which combined the carriage of a M-60 and a barrel with identical ballistics to the ZiS-6 anti-tank gun ... The design bureau of the No ...
List Of Soviet Tank Factories
... Krasnoye Sormovo", 1994 Uralmash, 1992 Design Bureau Morozov Design Bureau (KMDB) OKB-520 Kartsev-Venediktov Design Bureau, 1944 OKMO SKB-2 (Kotin) KBTM Dukhov ...
Chemical Automatics Design Bureau
... Chemical Automatics Design Bureau (CADB), also KB Khimavtomatika (Russian Конструкторское бюро химавтоматики, КБХА, KBKhA) is ...
Polikarpov I-153 - Design and Development
... In 1937, the Polikarpov design bureau carried out studies to improve on the performance of its I-15 and I-15bis biplane fighters without sacrificing manoeuvrability, as Soviet tactical doctrine was based ... and as a result, Polikarpov's proposals were accepted, and his design bureau was instructed to design a new biplane fighter ... Polikarpov assigned the task to the design team led by Aleksei Ya Shcherbakov, who was assisted by Artem Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich (who would later set up the MiG design ...

Famous quotes containing the words bureau and/or design:

    We know what the animals do, what are the needs of the beaver, the bear, the salmon, and other creatures, because long ago men married them and acquired this knowledge from their animal wives. Today the priests say we lie, but we know better.
    native American belief, quoted by D. Jenness in “The Carrier Indians of the Bulkley River,” Bulletin no. 133, Bureau of American Ethnology (1943)

    Humility is often only the putting on of a submissiveness by which men hope to bring other people to submit to them; it is a more calculated sort of pride, which debases itself with a design of being exalted; and though this vice transform itself into a thousand several shapes, yet the disguise is never more effectual nor more capable of deceiving the world than when concealed under a form of humility.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)