What is deflexion?

  • (noun): The movement of the pointer or pen of a measuring instrument from its zero position.
    Synonyms: deflection
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Khet (game) - Gameplay
... player starts the game with 14 playing pieces (12 in Deflexion), arranged in one of several predefined configurations, and a laser ... Obelisk (2 in Deflexion, 4 in two stacks in Khet 1, not in Khet 2) Large pillars with no mirrored sides, these are vulnerable to attack from any direction, and therefore useful mostly as ... In Deflexion, half the pieces were gold, and half were silver ...
Deflexion (linguistics)
... Deflexion is a linguistic process related to inflectional languages ... Deflexion typically involves the loss of some inflectional affixes, notably affecting word endings (markers) which indicate noun cases, verbal tenses and noun classes ... Directly related to deflexion is the fact that the languages become less synthetic and more analytic in nature ...

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