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List Of Guitar Freaks And Drum Mania Songs - List - GuitarFreaks 9th Mix & Percussion Freaks/DrumMania 8th Mix
... Artist Tier 777 EeL From Pop'n Music 8 Also appeared on Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 REFLEC BEAT Black horizon Trick Trap Country day Anna Vieste GET READY 古川もとあき I'm a loser ... BUENA WILMA DE OLIVEIRA Also appeared on Dance Dance Revolution Supernova Utopia 寺島純子 YOU CAN'T DO IT 古川もとあき 月光蝶 (Gekkouchou) あさき Also appeared on ...
Beatmania IIDX 15: DJ Troopers - Music
... world" 猫又Master+ Prog "evergreen" kors k Trance "Freeway Shuffle" dj TAKA From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 Hyper Japanesque 2 "華爛漫 -Flowers-" (Hanaranman) TËRRA ... Hymnus "oratio" 蓑舞衆 Ballad "PROMISE FOR LIFE" TËRRA WORKS Dance "radius" yasuhiro abe Tri Euro Fantasia "REMINISCENCE"* jun with Allison UK Hardcore "Rising in the ... Hard Trance "Shades of Grey" Fracus From Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 Techno "SHIFT" AKIRA YAMAOKA Electro "湘南族 -cannibal coast-" (Shounanzoku) Aural Vampire Post Renaissance "少年A" (Shone ...
Music Of Dance Dance Revolution X - Lists of Songs - Arcade
... the soundtrack of the arcade release of Dance Dance Revolution X ... 高杉さと美 single by Satomi Takasugi "30 Lives (Up-Up-Down-Dance Mix)" The Motion Sick winner of DDR SONG CONTEST 2008 from the album The truth will catch you, just wait... 2008 X-edit)" SMiLE.dk from Dancemania 10 original cut from Dance Dance Revolution "Boys (2008 X-edit)" SMiLE.dk from Dancemania X1 original cut from ...
List Of Dance Dance Revolution Video Games - Dance Dance Revolution
... Country/Region Release Regional version title Dance Dance Revolution (1998) Arcade Japan 1998 November 21 PlayStation Japan 1999 April 10 Arcade Asia 1999 March Arcade North America 1999 ...

Famous quotes containing the words dance and/or revolution:

    Mr. Lincoln at least you’re a man of honor. You said you wanted to dance with me in the worst way, and I must say that you’ve kept your word. That’s the worst way I’ve ever seen.
    Lamar Trotti (1898–1952)

    To deny the need for comprehensive child care policies is to deny a reality—that there’s been a revolution in American life. Grandma doesn’t live next door anymore, Mom doesn’t work just because she’d like a few bucks for the sugar bowl.
    Editorial, The New York Times (September 6, 1983)