What is curtain travel time?

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Focal-plane Shutter - History and Technical Development - The Quest For Higher Speed
... Greater FP shutter X-sync speed would require further strengthening the curtains, by using exotic materials, allowing them to move even faster and widen the slits ... This permitted cutting shutter-curtain travel time by nearly half to 3.6 ms (at 6.7 m/s) and allowed 1/200 sec ... this shutter, had a 3.3 ms (at 7.3 m/s) curtain travel time and boosted X-sync speed to 1/250 sec ...
History Of The Single-lens Reflex Camera - Chronology - 1960s
... Modern focal-plane shutters are dual curtain traveling slit shutters ... They provide faster shutter speeds by timing the second shutter curtain to close sooner after the first curtain opens and narrowing the slit "wiping" the exposure on the film, instead of moving the ... Long wipe times can cause cartoonish distortion of very fast moving objects instead of truly freezing their motion ...

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