What is current loop?

Current Loop

A current loop describes two different electrical signalling schemes.

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Kennywood - Ride/Attraction Timeline
... repairs 1990 Great Balloon Race (removed in 1995, moved to Idlewild), Laser Loop removed, original facade on Racer loading platform restored 1989 Swing Around** (remov ... removed in 2007), Paddle Boats 1980 Laser Loop.(Removed in 1990) 1979 Monster***, renamed Monongahela Monster (removed 1989), Garden Stage (removed in 2006) 1978 Enterprise (renamed Volcano in 2003 ... (removed 1974) 1971 Roll-O-Plane** (removed 1985) 1969 Noah's Ark remodeled, Loop-O-Plane** (removed 1983) 1968 Thunderbolt, rebuilt from Pippin ...
Magnetic Dipole - Internal Magnetic Field of A Dipole
... pole definition The two models for a dipole (current loop and magnetic poles) give the same predictions for the magnetic field far from the source ... points from the negative charge to the positive charge), while inside a current loop it is in the same direction (see the figure to the right) ... If a magnetic dipole is formed by making a current loop smaller and smaller, but keeping the product of current and area constant, the limiting field is ...
MIDI 1.0 - Hardware Transport (electrical and Mechanical Connections)
... It consists physically of a one-way (simplex) digital current loop electrical connection sending asynchronous serial communication data at 31,250 bits per second ... Only one end of the loop is referenced to ground, with the other end "floating", to prevent ground loops which may otherwise cause interference and hum in analog audio signals ... The current loop on the transmitter side drives the LED of an opto-isolator on the receiver side ...
Current Loop - Discrete Control - Two-way Radio Use
... Current loop circuits are one possible way used to control radio base stations at distant sites ... A current loop remote control saves the cost of extra pairs of wires between the operating point and the radio transceiver ... Some equipment, such as the Motorola MSF-5000 base station, uses currents below 4 mA for some functions ...
Teletype Model 33 - Technical Information - Interface
... replaced by a blank panel on units operating on a current loop ... In the 1960s and early 1970s minicomputers typically had a 20mA current loop interface for connection to a Teletype machine used as a console terminal and ... terminals dropped in the late 1970s, the current loop was gradually replaced by an RS-232 interface ...

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