What is crippled?

  • (adj): Disabled in the feet or legs.
    Example: "A crippled soldier"
    Synonyms: halt, halting, lame, game

Some articles on crippled:

British Columbia's Children's Hospital - History
... BC Children’s roots go back to the establishment of a fund for crippled children by the BC Women’s Institute in 1923 ... In 1928, the Vancouver’s Crippled Children’s Hospital was established ... This was followed by the opening of the Crippled Children’s Hospital in 1933, which was renamed as the Children’s Hospital in 1947 ...
The Crippled Eagles
... TemplateInfobox militant organisationThe Crippled Eagles was the informal name of a group of American expatriates that fought with the Rhodesian Security Forces during the Rhodesian Bush War ... The name of "Crippled Eagle" and badge was meant to symbolise their abandonment by the US government ...
The Crippled God - Appearance
... The Crippled God takes the form of a broken old man, whose bones give the appearance of being shattered, then badly set ... The Crippled God coughs sporadically, but endlessly, breathes loudly and laboriously, and speaks with a raspy, raw voice ... Despite his weakened appearance, the Crippled God is extremely powerful, with control over immense magical forces ...
Crippled Black Phoenix - History
... encouraged by Dominic Aitchison, and their ideas would lay the backbone for Crippled Black Phoenix ... with other projects at the time of the band's founding, Crippled Black Phoenix remained committed to staying together and forged their sound ... Crippled Black Phoenix have made live shows a focus and have performed in unusual venues, using Victorian-era instruments in tandem with more modern instruments ...
Euphemism - Subject Matter - Disability and Handicap
... with physical handicaps being adopted by some people lame → crippled → spastic → handicapped → disabled → physically challenged → differently abled ... euphemism handicapped, saying he preferred crippled because it was merely descriptive and did not carry connotations of limiting one's capability the way handicapped (and ... In the same routine, he echoed Bill Veeck's opinion that crippled was a perfectly valid term (and noted that early English translations of the Bible seemed to have no qualms about saying that Jesus "healed ...

Famous quotes containing the word crippled:

    Yes, that’s what I needed. Living flesh from humans for my experiments. What difference did it make if a few people had to die? Their flesh taught me how to manufacture arms, legs, faces that are human. I’ll make a crippled world whole again.
    Robert Tusker, and Michael Curtiz. Wells (Preston Foster)