What is Crick?

  • (noun): A painful muscle spasm especially in the neck or back ('rick' and 'wrick' are British).
    Synonyms: rick, wrick
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... Equipment involves a stick (Manx camman, meaning "little curved thing") and a ball (crick or crig) with anything between four and two hundred players ... The crick can be made from cork or wood, and varied from circular to egg-shaped, sized from approximately two inches in circumference to the size of a fist ... Old accounts tell that the crick was sometimes covered in cloth or leather ...
Crick, Monmouthshire - History and Amenities
... The site of Crick was an important junction on the Roman road sometimes known as the Via Julia which ran from Bath (Aquae Sulis) across the Severn estuary to Sudbrook and on to ... At Crick the route met the roads to Gloucester (Glevum) and Monmouth (Blestium) ... of an early Norman motte and bailey castle at Ballan Moor near Crick, probably built by the Ballon family in the late 11th or early 12th century ...
Crick Lecture
... The Francis Crick Lecture is a prize lecture of the Royal Society established in 2003 with an endowment from Sydney Brenner, the late Francis Crick's ... It is delivered annually in biology, particularly the areas which Francis Crick worked (genetics, molecular biology and neurobiology), and also to theoretical work ...
Philip Crick
... Philip Charles Thurlow Crick was the Anglican Bishop of Rockhampton in Australia from 1921 until 1927 and the Bishop of Ballarat until 1935 ... Crick was born into a clerical family on 18 November 1882 and educated at Winchester and Pembroke College, Cambridge ...
Mark Crick
... Mark Crick is a British photographer and author, best known for his literary parodies Kafka's Soup and Sartre's Sink, in which he presents recipes and DIY tips in ... Mark Crick is married to Fiona Simmons Crick ... Crick grew up in Basildon ...

More definitions of "Crick":

  • (verb): Twist the head into a strained position.