What is crib?

  • (noun): A literal translation used in studying a foreign language (often used illicitly).
    Synonyms: pony, trot
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Cribbage (rules) - Variations
... players Five cards are dealt to each player and one card directly to the crib, and each player then discards one card to the crib, as shown in the ... dealt to each player, each of whom discards one to the crib ... five cards, two of which are discarded into the crib ...
List Of To The Manor Born Episodes - Christmas Special (1979)
... always providing the church's crib, Audrey, Marjory and Old Ned, who is acting as Audrey's butler while Brabinger is visiting his granddaughter, make a crib ... by the Rector, has installed a brand new crib ... After an initial argument, both favour the other's crib, but the Rector decides upon Richard's ...
... Crib may also refer to Nativity scene, a depiction of the birth of Jesus as described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke Box crib, a wooden frame used to stabilise a ... south and southeast regions Crib sheet, a cheat sheet or concise set of notes for quick reference Corn crib, a granary for drying and storing corn ... Water crib, an offshore structure that supplies water to an onshore pumping station ...
Cribbage Statistics - Odds
... different scoring rules apply in the crib - only 5-point flushes are counted, in other words you need to flush all cards including the turn-up and not just the ... this, a slightly different distribution is observed Scoring Breakdown (crib/box hands only) Score Number of hands (+/- change from non-crib distribution) (out of 12,994,800) Percentage of hands Percentage of ...
Crib Pier
... A crib pier is a type of pier built with the supporting columns made of 'cribs' ... Typically a crib is made from wood, but it could be made from any long cylindrical material ... Each crib can be either empty or filled with a material such as rocks, gravel, concrete blocks, etc ...

More definitions of "crib":

  • (noun): A card game in which each player is dealt 6 cards and discards one or two to make up the crib.
    Synonyms: cribbage
  • (verb): Take unauthorized (intellectual material).
  • (noun): Baby bed with high sides.
    Synonyms: cot
  • (verb): Use a crib, as in an exam.
  • (verb): Line with beams or planks.
    Example: "Crib a construction hole"

Famous quotes containing the word crib:

    Within his crib is surest ward,
    This little babe will be thy guard,
    If thou wilt foil thy foes with joy,
    Then flit not from this heavenly boy.
    Robert Southwell (1561?–1595)

    When I pitched headforemost into the world I landed in the crib of Negroism.
    Zora Neale Hurston (1891–1960)